Nov 2, 2008

NYC Downtown Short Film Festival - Audience Choice Screenings Nov 20-21-22

Thursday November 20 - 8 P.M.

His Good Will Drama Directed by: Cayman Grant is a heart-warming story set in 1950 about a young boy struggling against poverty in a small town, and how his innocence and optimism, in the simplest of ways, touch those around him. A charming, feel good Canadian movie.

Breathing Room Drama Directed by: Giles Andrew
Mr. Cooper just wants to be left alone with his memories and his quiet life, until the Stamfords move into his building and his life. A haunting short film.

Naked Comedy Directed by: Matt Kelley A 1-900 commercial for Naked Man. Funny. Funny. Funny. Nudity

June Weddings Drama Directed by: Barbara Hammond JUNE WEDDINGS follows single father RJ (Sundance-winner Tom Noonan) into a New York City bar after the wedding of his only son, where he has escaped to have a quiet beer and practice his reception speech. He meets Russian barfly Sonja (Obie-award winner Elzbieta Czyzewska) sipping screw-top champagne and reading Chekhov. A lifetime of hurts spill out, an intimacy is forged, and a speech nearly forgotten. A superbly acted short film.

Friday November 21 8:00 P.M.

The Reckoning Drama Directed by: Rob Lawe A terrible secret is about to come out. A well crafted touching, insightful film.

Ciao Tesoro Drama Directed by: Amedeo Procopio
A nightclub with mysterious logos... a belly dancer playing with some golden veils... two acrobatic barmen...: a man, who looks very nervous, makes a proposal to a woman who’s watching the show with a girlfriend: she will go to bed with him in an hour... The unusual adventure, described through the protagonist’s memories, will end up in unexpected way. A provocative short Italian film. Nudity.

EscaLoverComedy Directed by: CHUN-KAI YANG
A love couple get on an escalator, they fall in love. They do what lovers always do on the escalator. When the escalator comes to the end, they broke up with each other. What's next? They do what lovers always do. Clever and funny.

Heavy Duty Drama Directed by: Sal Massari When life pushes your buttons...' Can two seemingly opposing forces penetrate each other’s armor and find common ground? Life and love in a laundry.

Saturday November 22 8 P.M.

La Dinde Marinée Comedy Directed by: Benoît Ameil An addicted mother, starved children, a father more down to earth and... George Clooney. Then add a touch of French cooking and get... 'A Juicy Turkey'. Imagine what your life could be if your wife became George Clooney dependent !... If the uncooked turkey is in the bath tub where the baby is supposed to be...then what is cooking in the casserole? You will not believe the premise of this French film.

The Hustlers Drama Directed by: Courtney Webster This film is a mediation on identity and sexuality and the potential violence that can erupt when these things intersect with self-esteem and class warfare. Sexual, violent, raw, disturbing. Nudity.

Downtown Train Comedy Directed by: Todd Komarnicki A beautiful woman breaks social rules on the NYC subway. Very funny.

Gah Gah for Caca Animation Directed by: Taylor Armstrong When nature calls a father-to-be, he is forced to reevaluate his priorities. Hilarious.

Villa Nova Drama Directed by: Bob Wasson
One lonely night in suburbia, a little girl hears something very scary coming from the playhouse. What she discovers could be magic, a trick, or something from out of this world. A gorgeous and transforming film.