Mar 7, 2009

DMAC-Duo Multicultural Arts Center &
Fourth Arts Block

cordially invite you and a guest to an open house

on Monday, March 16, 2009

Let us stimulate you with complimentary wine & food
as well as performances of dance, film, music and art
on three floors at DMAC.
(Why? Because boy do we need it now.)
7:15 PM (doors open at 6:45 PM) Main Theatre: Cocktails & Performance
I.M.D Project from Yin Yue Dance Company
Get Me Out Of Here
Choreographer: Yin Yue
Dancers: Clare Cook, Christina Noel Reaves, Leah Schrager, Yin Yue
Musicians: Jenna Barvitski, Ben Engel, Seth Lieberman, Travis Stewart
Video: Hunter Herrick

7:30 Emergence - 3rd Floor gallery:
Stimulating buffet and Digital +New Media Exhibit
featuring works by Mirjana Ciric, Anthony Ruiz (USA) Jeremy Newman (USA), DanielRodrigo (Spain), Carrick Bell (USA), James woodward
(USA)Jonathan Monaghan( USA), Meg Oakley (Australia), Andre Sier (Portugal), Lee Arnold (USA), Lily & Honglei (USA), A. Jacob Galle (USA), Jen-Kuang Chang (USA), Peter Prautzsch (Germany), Shani Peters (USA),The Ebertbrothers (Germany)

8:00 Dance Studio B - 4th Floor
"on the minimum scent of the (time)..."
choreography and performance: Carlos A. Cruz Velázquez
original music: Jeff Smith
costume: Marcela Reyes

9:00 Main Theatre: NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Screening
Word on the $treet Comedy Directed by: Nick Barbieri A young latino drug dealer finds himself way over his head. Partying within the New York City nightlife is pushing him over the edge he owes his ruthless boss money that he does not have and corrupt cops are trying to kill him. Crime in the big apple has never been this funny.

DMAC 62 East 4th Street East Village, NYC USA
By invitation only. RSVP required at:
Stimulation guaranteed.