Jan 16, 2009

NYC Downtown Short Film Festival - Audience Choice Screenings February 19,20,21 2009

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Thursday February 19

East River Drama Directed by: Marc Grey A traveler wanders uncommon spaces and fashions deceiving relationships amidst the industrial ruins of Brooklyn.

Stealing Second Comedy Directed by: Alex Richanbach A comedy about talking to girls . . . and touching a boob.

Chronicles of a Hitman Drama Directed by: Yuri Alves
Professional hitman Xavier is on the run from mysterious assassins, however, his greatest challenge erupts from within his tortured soul. As Xavier desperately searches for sanity, his destiny unexpectedly becomes intertwined with the fate of an innocent woman.

Destroyer Drama Directed by: Samir Patel A man navigates a future of overwhelming security and mistrust.

Friday February 20

Second Guessing Grandma Drama Directed by: Bob Giraldi Set in 1982, the simple, true-life story of an important week in the life of a twenty-something gay man who finally comes out to his beloved grandmother in the Jersey City house he was raised in, in spite of mounting pressure from his mother and boyfriend. Very funny.

Iowa Girls Documentary Directed by: Donna Reyes 'Iowa Girls' is about the unique game of six-on-six basketball, played by generations of women in Iowa decades before Title IX. Six-on-six was the number one spectator sport in the state for nearly a century. It was so popular that the girls regularly played before sellout crowds, and attendance at their games often exceeded that of the boys' games.

Milked Comedy Directed by: Daniel Marks Sam is on a late-night mission to fulfill his girlfriend's desires.

First Impressions Drama Directed by: Lee Peterkin Blind dates are all about first impressions. The only thing more important than first impressions are....

A Xinecóloga Drama Directed by: Alfonso Camarero A gynecologist is working at her hospital as everyday. But the next patient.... is a boy!

Saturday February 21

Vincent Drama Directed by: Dee Allen We are who we love, and Cheryl loves Vincent more than life itself - anyone's life.

Mike and Lucy Comedy Directed by: Zi Fang A wannabe rockstar, a dropout cheerleader, and an artist who grows plant on his back were her roommates. And him, someone who'd never reveal his name to his online love interest...

Painting Abby Long Drama Directed by: Bajir Cannon & Sarah Kozinn Abby Long is a struggling painter living in the bowels of Brooklyn. But she doesn't live alone. She is haunted by Fantasia, an evil fairy born from Abby's favorite children's story. And on this night, the eve of her x-boyfriend's art opening at a prestigious Chelsea gallery, Fantasia makes her an offer that will change her life forever.

Peace Of Mind Drama Directed by: Nathan Crooker A chance encounter on the busy streets of New York brings Stephen and Angelina together. Casual conversation leads to romance until a cruel twist of fate forces them to confront the demons from their past.

Finding Priya A Prom Date Comedy Directed by: Garrett Nantz The under social, overly sarcastic Priya has found herself without a date to the New Brunswick High School Prom. When her traditional Indian family go to extremes to help her find 'the most perfect man to take to your dance,' she is introduced to a new host of colorful characters. This comedic short is sure to give you feature sized laughs!