Feb 11, 2009

Audience Choice Screenings - March 4-5-6-7

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Wednesday March 4
Featuring Films by NYC Film Makers

Word on the $treet Comedy Directed by: Nick Barbieri A young latino drug dealer finds himself way over his head. Partying within the New York City nightlife is pushing him over the edge he owes his ruthless boss money that he does not have and corrupt cops are trying to kill him. Crime in the big apple has never been this funny.

Museum Scandals Comedy Directed by: Sande Shurin At a fundraiser for an important New York City museum taking place in a trendy underground Soho art gallery, how far will they go to raise funds, how far will reporters go to make headlines and how far will people go to be seen and rub shoulders with the 'right' people?

Hillel's Angels Documentary Directed by: Andrea Scott There’s an old expression about a Jewish mother’s greatest fear: sons on bikes. In the short documentary, 'Hillel’s Angels', that nightmare becomes a reality, as the world of the Jewish motorcyclist is revealed in all its leather-clad glory.

Sovereignty Drama Directed by: Jonathan Sale Pulitzer Prize nominated writer Rolin Jones (Producer, Writer "Weeds" Showtime), uncoils a hilarious and caustic allegory of the lengths to which people will go to ignore the horrors in the world around them. Mrs. Elsbeth?s life is the picture of perfection. Perfect neighborhood. Perfect house. Perfect garden. Perfect husband. But all that is about to change.

Thursday March 5
Featuring Films by NYC Film Makers

$ Game Drama Directed by: Tom Cavanagh Refusing to give up on her dream, underdog Joanne Duffy hustles against men on the pickup courts of NYC en route to her one last shot at the WNBA.

Audio Guide Drama Directed by: Caroline Lesley A young woman leaves The Metropolitan Museum of Art and forgets to return her audio guide, only to discover its magical powers in her everyday world.

Body Job Documentary Directed by: Joanne Nerenberg Body Job is a New-York paced meditation on moving on the job. It is a profile of three people who transform their jobs with active bodies.

Friday March 6
Featuring Films by NYC Film Makers

In the Grain Comedy Directed by: Arsenio G. Assin Stuck in the doldrums of life, Bob and Agnes go through their daily routines. Her glued to the television, and him escaping to the solitude of woodworking. However, one day Bob hears a mysterious woman’s pleas for help. What he finds out leads to a strange love triangle, one that risks the wrath of Agnes and threatens the couples newly found happiness.

La Juerga Drama Directed by: Michael Louis Hill Hosting an exchange student, a seƱora discovers it's never too late to try on some new shoes.

Rescued Animation Directed by: Peter Parlegreco A hand drawn journey to another planet.

The Sisters of Mercy Manchester Comedy Directed by: Kyle Komline A convent organist falls in love with the lead singer of a visiting musical troupe of nuns and must symbolically compete with Jesus for her love.

The Art Of Getting Over It Drama Directed by Dan Gauthier & Trevor St. John Angry and frustrated Cameron Clothier unleashes his rage on those who hurt him, all the while surreptitiously courting an angelic barista in his neighborhood coffee shop and — almost against his will — finding redemption in love.

Saturday March 7
Featuring films by European Film Makers

Tunnelrat Drama Belgium Directed by: Raf Reyntjens An allied and a German tunneler get locked up together in a tunnel below the World War 1 front. They share the same fate, confronted with their common enemy: war itself.

Der Pfandlaie Comedy Germany Directed by: Frank - Peter Lenze A young man comes in a pawn shop and needs desperately 200 Eurso. The pawnbroker refuses stubbornly! When a dominatrix suddenly appears the young man learns that one is not like the other in this new kind of pawnshop!

Reach Animation Australia Directed by: Luke Randall A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation, the length of his power cable. When a curious bird appears at the workshop window, his lust to live outside of his reach, may be his demise.

The Last Leaf Drama Ireland Directed by: Kathleen Weir This is a story about two female artists living together in Greenwich village, New York during the 1919 flu epidemic. The one artist has the flu and believes she will die when the last leaf falls from a vine growing outside her window.

An Angel Stops By Comedy France Directed by: Michel Fernandez In the middle of filming, a stressed-out porn director is warned by an angel that he will die very soon unless he turns his film into a biblical epic. The director, desperate, agrees to the angel's demand, but will the circumstances allow him to succeed?