Feb 12, 2009

Audience Choice Screenings - March 19-20-21

Thursday March 19 8 PM

The Winged Man Drama Directed by: Marya Mazor In this work of Magical Realism, the only thing we know for certain is that Daysi, a Latina high school girl, is pregnant. Is the conception the son of a mystical winged man, as Daysi insists? Or the result of a one-night stand, as the girl’s mother claims? This visually arresting and poetic rumination on truth, written by Academy-award nominee José Rivera, asks what it means to hold fast to a belief, and what it takes to let it go. With Ana Ortiz, Shalim Ortiz, Marta McGonagle and Tiffany Hines.

Wig Drama Directed by: Todd Holland A bald dead woman, her favorite wig stolen by her son, and a family that expects to bury her in it in three days? WIG mines humor in the face of tragedy and brings fresh style to the timeless journey of recovery after loss. “Sometimes you have to cross a line in order to throw one.”

Annie's Religion Drama Directed by: Laura D'Antoni Annie is an 8-year-old Christian girl growing up in the 1950s. Against her mother's wishes, she forms a friendship with her new Jewish neighbors and struggles to discern right from wrong in this era of prejudice. In an effort to save her new infant friend from eternal damnation, she kidnaps and baptizes her. Upon her return from the church, Annie is surprised to realize that not everyone appreciates her efforts. The film is based on the true story of Vi Sherman.

Kung Pow Wow Comedy Directed by: Diana Whitten Dating is difficult, especially when you order in. 'Kung Pow Wow' is comedic tale about an argument between a couple when the boyfriend isn't sensitive to the needs of his girlfriend's taste buds.

Adam Taylor's Dracula Comedy Directed by: Adam Taylor The classic vampire tale of Vlad the Impaler told with a contemporary twist.

Friday March 20 8 PM

You Don't Know Me Drama Directed by: Sean Melia Neil tricks his buddy Michael into thinking he's a killer, what he doesn't know is that Michael is the real thing.

The Angel Levine Drama Directed by: Daniel Cowen Based on the Benard Malamud short story of the same name, 'The Angel Levine' follows Manischewitz, a Jew living on the Lower East Side, who travels up to Harlem to find an angel that can save his wife.

Big Pussy Comedy Directed by: Todd Strauss-Schulson A neurotic nice-guy struggles to find the confidence to tell the girl he loves that her vagina has an… odor. (It’s classy we swear.)

Back To Me Drama Directed by: Tim Kashani Back to Me takes us on a magical journey with a Broadway actress struggling to find her life’s passion after the devastation of 9/11, until she is aided by an unlikely stranger.

Saturday March 21 8 PM

Over Da Rainbow Comedy Directed by: Jared Lapidus A homophobic gangster rapper wants to sample a 1980's hair metal ballad for his next anti-gay anthem.

Laid Off By Lehman Comedy Directed by Charles Divak & Jonathan Emmerling What does a Lehman Brothers' broker do with his days now?

Capes Animation Directed by: Bryan Cohen A young man plummets from the height of future civilization to the depths of primal Hell. In his quest for salvation, he ultimately finds peace and camaraderie in death.

You're Outa HereAnimation Directed by: George Griffin
A spunky descendant of Betty Boop tells her no-good boyfriend to hit the road, to the stride rhythms of Fats Waller's 'The Minor Drag,' reinvented as 'You're Outa Here.'

Draw Drama Directed by: Ryan Pearce When poker hustler Alex Malone falls into debt to Dominic, a neighborhood loan shark, his life begins to fall apart.